Rhiannon OrmerodMy name is Rhiannon Ormerod and, following a surprise Christmas present of a Nikon D3000 in 2010, I have taken up wildlife photography in my spare time. Since then, I have accumulated various bits of kit including, most recently, a Nikon D7000.

I have always had an enduring love for nature and am thrilled that I can combine this with my creative side through wildlife photography.

This blog has been created as a central point for my photographic work. As an amateur who is very new to photography, my aim is not really to inspire with my images now but to try to shoot beautiful images and improve my technique. My hope is that this blog will be a record of my development as a photographer as well as a record of the beauty of the wild places I will visit.

I may also post on other wildlife topics not related to photography, as my main concern is the welfare of the wildlife I photograph. To that end, I can guarantee that no image on this blog has been taken at the expense of distressing the subject.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Please take a look and comment if you have the urge.

Thank you.