Wildlife photography: top tips for amateurs – Part 2

Making the most of your local patch (view the infographic) Following on from part 1 in this series of top tips for amateur wildlife photographers, in this blog I want to cover how you can make […]

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Wildlife photography: top tips for amateurs – Part 1

Making the most of the time you have (view the infographic) When I reviewed my year of wildlife photography in 2012 I commented: Some people argue that amateurs have it harder than professionals because they […]

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Crow catch up

Corvids are still my photographic subject of choice though I haven’t had much opportunity to photograph them recently, despite the fact that they are all around us. I realised when going through my files the […]

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Robin in the Rye

Well, a Robin in the Rye Meads nature reserve to be exact (apologies for the white lie in the title of this blog, I just wanted something short and snappy).  I finally made it to […]

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Top 5 tips for wildlife photography

Here are my top 5 tips for being a successful wildlife photographer: Photograph wildlife Photograph wildlife…any wildlife Take photos of wildlife Photograph wildlife Get out there and take photos of wildlife Ok, so you probably […]

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WildPhotos 2013: My highlights

Just over a week ago, I headed to the Royal Geographical Society for my third year at WildPhotos. As usual the weekend was full of inspirational talks and amazing images. There was also a fair […]

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Cabin chaffinches

I’ve just noticed the date when I last blogged. Goodness it’s been a while! I could give you all the usual excuses but I don’t think I’ll bore you with that. Instead I’ll tell you […]

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Prime challenge

Today I challenged myself to go out and photograph wildlife on my local patch with a 35mm prime lens attached to my D7000, instead of my usual 70-300mm zoom. The reason I did this was […]

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Cheetahs prospering

In 2011 I was very privileged to visit the Masai Mara and photographing cheetahs was one of the highlights. Despite the tranquillity shown in my images below, cheetahs have it tough…really tough. Females are solitary and males […]

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Crows in crowds

I have read a lot in my research about crows being antisocial. I’m sure a lot of people have heard that if you see more than two crows together, they’re actually rooks. However, my experience […]

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